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Sustainable Diamonds

Sustainable diamonds - another term for Lab-Grown Diamonds. Natural diamonds involve massive digging of the Earth, consuming huge quantities of freshwater and fossil fuels. Air pollution and acid mine drainage, and unethical diamond mining practices resulting in human rights abuses. Lab-Grown Diamonds involves none of the above. They are produced in labs with no or insignificant impact on ecosystems.

PEAK™ Process


Diamond Seed

A specially designed graphite cube containing diamond seeds is carefully placed inside the chamber of the HPHT machine. ​The diamond manufacturing process begins.


The Morph

The chamber is subjected to a very high temperature (1300 – 1600 C) and pressure about 870,000 per sq. inch) , and requisite gases are applied to the chamber at strict regulated timings. ​Under high temperature and pressure, the graphite contents are absorbed by the diamond seeds which begin to ‘grow’.​ At a specified timing, the seeds would have grown to become rough diamonds.


The Bath

The graphite cube is then broken up to reveal the rough diamonds, and the rough diamonds are chemically ‘washed’ to ensure that carbon pieces which are stuck to the sides of the rough diamonds are removed.​


Cut + Polish

The CO2 we use in our production is captured and sourced from industrial plants prior to it being emitted into the atmosphere. It then arrives to us in tanks after it has been cooled, pressurized and liquified.

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